In this section you will find documents related to the general rules and regulations of the sport of athletics. One of the countless details set out in this book is that the single world indoor record set at the (from IAAF Competition Rules ). IAAF Competition Rules , in force from 1 November , 01 NOV , PDF, En Fr Sp. IAAF Technical Delegates Guidelines, 09 JAN , PDF, En.

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    Iaaf Rule Book

    FOREWORD. It gives me pleasure to introduce the IAAF Competition Rules. This rule book is designed predominantly to provide technical officials. The IAAF has now published the new Competition Rulebook This is available for download on their website. These rules have. IAAF COMPETITION RULES Amendments to Technical Rules. Rule (c). (Approved by the IAAF Council on 5 March , with immediate effect .

    Tennis great Martina Navratilova has come to the defence of Olympic metres champion Caster Semenya ahead of next week's landmark hearing on proposed rules that aim to restrict testosterone levels in female athletes. The International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF has proposed rules that would force so-called "hyperandrogenic" athletes or those with "differences of sexual development" DSD to medically lower their testosterone levels below a prescribed amount. Track and field's global governing body wants to introduce the rule changes in order to promote what it says will be fairer competition between all female athletes. But South Africa middle-distance star Semenya, the most high-profile athlete who would be affected by such an alteration to the rule book, is challenging the legality of the IAAF's proposals in a case which will be heard at the Court of Arbitration CAS in Lausanne from Monday. Significantly, the change would only apply to female athletes competing in distances from metres to a mile -- a point highlighted by time Grand Slam single champion Navratilova in a column Britain's Sunday Times newspaper.

    Horizontal Jumps Throwing Events This rule book is designed predominantly to provide technical officials with a practical publication that includes all the changes that have occurred since the last edition. Two of the principal changes from the previous edition are firstly around the reforms delivered in to establish the Athletics Integrity Unit, with the Anti-Doping, Eligibility and Disputes and Disciplinary Proceedings Rules now sitting elsewhere and secondly that the comments and application notes in 'The Referee' previously published separately have now been incorporated into the Technical Rules.

    Navaratilova backs Semenya ahead of IAAF gender rule hearing

    The Technical Committee continues to constantly review the substance, validity and relevance of all technical rules. There are a number of new technical changes reflected on the pages of this rule book which include the introduction of a 'universal classification' in the gender categories men and women's competing and scoring together and the introduction of world record for the road 5km. But the IAAF has repeatedly rewritten those rules, each time narrowing its focus on Semenya, a clue that regulations purporting to advance women's sport really seek to curb a single woman's dominance.

    A rule change promoting fair sport would recognize the qualitative difference between synthetic testosterone athletes inject to gain an unfair edge, and naturally occurring testosterone that can boost performance but does so legally.

    Treating the substances equally is like telling cyclists there's no distinction between strong quadriceps and a motor, then outlawing both because they enable faster riding. Yet a year ago, the IAAF council passed the latest in a series of rules hoping to force female athletes with high natural testosterone to artificially manipulate hormone levels to stay eligible for IAAF-sanctioned meets.

    Navaratilova backs Semenya ahead of IAAF gender rule hearing

    In , Indian sprinter Dutee Chand appealed an earlier version of the testosterone rule to the CAS, and the next summer won a suspension of the regulation, clearing her and Semenya to compete without hormone-suppressing drugs. A year later, Semenya won metre gold at the Rio Olympics, crossing the line in a national record time of one minute, The rule change approved last year wouldn't apply to Chand, who runs the and metres, but would still trip up Semenya.

    Before proceedings began, a list of expert witnesses was released, a group that included Angelica Linden Hirschberg, a Stockholm-based professor and gynecologist, and Doriane Lambelet-Coleman, a Duke University law professor and former world-class metre runner. As the case progressed, sports world heavy-hitters weighed in on Twitter.

    Story continues below "It's nothing to do with racism, feminism, or the genetic advantage of a single person," tweeted Paula Radcliffe, who holds the world record in the women's marathon. So far, it hasn't.

    What if the long-term effects proved harmful? It is expected to last a week and the outcome is expected by March I hope she wins. Semenya, the Olympic m gold medallist at both the London and Rio Games, is also a three-time world champion.

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