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More Than One Night book. Read 87 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From bed to baby to bliss?A chance encounter. A steamy nigh. Even a less than awesome Mayberry book is still sheer brilliance compared to most category fiction reads, and More than One Night is. From bed to baby tobliss? A chance encounter. A steamy night together. That's all Rhys Walker signs on for when Charlotte "Charlie" Long sashays across his.

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More Than One Night Sarah Mayberry Pdf

DOWNLOAD More Than One Night: More Than One Night / Royal Holiday Bride ( Mills & Boon Cherish) By Sarah Mayberry, Brenda Harlen [PDF EBOOK EPUB. Adobe EPUB eBook 94 · OverDrive Read 93 · Kindle Book 29 · Adobe PDF eBook 8. Page 1 of 4 Showing 1 - 48 of (). cover image of One-Click download: January Harlequin Blaze Her Best Friend. More than Friends (Series). Book 1. Sarah Mayberry Author () (). cover image of More Than One Night. Her Best Friend ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Sarah Mayberry Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she's taken the smart route. An Aussie Beachside Christmas/The Night Before Christmas/Her Mistletoe Wish/Suddenly more eBooks by Sarah Mayberry.

A refreshing take on the accidental pregnancy trope, with well-written sexy times, and a tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, angst-filled journey to the happy ever after. As a disclaimer to this brief review, I am a very biased Sarah-Mayberry-never-fails-to-make-me-cry-she-can-do-no-wrong fan. Like The Best Laid Plans, this one deals with an unexpected baby, but instead of the hero and heroine being colleagues and even friends, Charlie Long and Rhys Walker are virtual strangers brought together by fate and a faulty condom. Mayberry has a way of making you care about her protagonists and I adored the heroine—stoic and witty Charlie, who is the perfect match for the disgustingly charming entrepreneur Rhys but of course, it takes an accidental pregnancy to get this through their respective heads. This is a refreshing take on the accidental pregnancy trope, featuring an emotionally unavailable heroine and the kind of angsty road to happy ever after that Sarah Mayberry does so well. Sarah Mayberry Publisher: Mills and Boon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Yay or nay? Who might enjoy it: Lovers of category romance tropes minus the stereotypes Who might not enjoy it:

Can you tell I really enjoyed it? Even though Elizabeth had wanted to go with Violet, she knew she should go with Martin. Mayberry balances the superficial impressions that Violet and Martin have of one another with the truth behind the facade of their suppositions. Each person learns to admire the other, both what they show, and what they later reveal.

Martin has a way he has been taught he ought to act. Elizabeth as well, and they both suppress their desires and the more outlandish pieces of themselves to remain true to that external direction of what they should be.

Her Best Friend ISBN PDF epub | Sarah Mayberry ebook | eBookMall

And let me say two words about the sexual tension between these two. That is all. That is not to say the book did not have flaws.

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Return to Book Page. From bed to baby to A chance encounter. A steamy night together. Sure, maybe he catches a glimpse of forever in her eyes. But the brush-off note the gorgeous brunette leaves the next morning says it all, doesn't it?

Time to move on. Rhys never expects that moving on actually m From bed to baby to Rhys never expects that moving on actually means reconnecting with Charlie.

Or that her big news changes everything. Becoming a father now, under these circumstances, never factored into his plans. Yet he's not as upset as he thought. Because now he has the opportunity to explore that glimpse of forever Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published March 6th by Harlequin first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

Publisher Series: Harlequin Superromance

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More Than One Night

Sort order. Another winner by Sarah Mayberry.

Trust Sarah Mayberry to take a plot that has practically been done to death in the world of romance and still give readers a story that is worth remembering. In my eyes, Sarah Mayberry is one of the few authors in the contemporary romance genre who can do no wrong.

Each and every single story that I have read from her has always been memorable, and her latest release is no exception to the rule. Her best friend Gina sees a cause for celebration her first night back and that is how she crosses paths with the handsome, charming and sexy Rhys Andrew Walker, who himself is celebrating the successful sealing of a business deal that means the world to him.

Driven, determined and ambitious is what Rhys is all about, and when he sees Charlie and the spark and connection between them is an immediate and instantaneous one, Rhys convinces Charlie to indulge with him in one night of decadent passion. However for Charlie, the light of the morning brings forth with a vengeance the insecurities that had been kept at bay in the darkness of the night and Charlie slips away, believing deep in her heart that someone as sinfully good looking as Rhys would never give her the time of the day.

Eight weeks later the story continues, Charlie slowly and surely finding her footing in the uncertain waters that is civilian life. More than One Night is a story that stands true to the remarkable talent that Sarah Mayberry shows whenever she puts pen to paper to create her vivid cast of characters and emotions that practically seeps through the pages.

And in More than One Night I found a story that nearly had me in tears, a relationship that when it unfolded had me holding my breathe in just to see how Rhys and Charlie make their way through a situation fraught with the unknown and emotions that neither of them had never felt before.

Charlie is one of the most complex heroines I have encountered in the fact that she has so much pain and feelings of insecurity buried so deep inside of her. As a child, Charlie had learnt early on to keep her emotions in check, to show a calm and controlled front to the rest of the world. Having never received love or affection from her father, Charlie had set out to join the military as the last attempt at winning over his affections.

The pivotal moment in the story during which Charlie came out with all the fears and insecurities that had been bottled up deep inside of her for a lifetime, I seriously found myself with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat the size of a roadblock that refused to go away no matter how hard I tried.

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Needless to say, I loved Charlie, her straightforward and pragmatic manner, her loyalty, the way she wants to do the right thing above everything else and the way she faces whatever challenge that she comes across with a strength and determination that astounded me at times. It is a rare circumstance for me to gush about a heroine in a book and totally forget about the hero. Rhys is the type of man who focuses on what he wants, goes after it and succeeds in his attempts to win over the goals he sets in his life.

But all those things that had seemed so important to him before suddenly takes a backseat when he discovers he is going to be a father, a news that has him reeling at first. But slowly and surely, Rhys finds that becoming a father with Charlie in the picture is exactly what he wants and needs, if only he could convince Charlie to let go, to trust in him and their newfound love for one another.

It was a thing of beauty to witness the phases that Charlie goes through in order to come out the triumphant one in the end. Rhys works his brand of magic on her, like a soothing salve on those wounds that had festered away for far too long.

As I said before, the emotional impact of the story is one that completely sucker punched me, from the sexually charged scenes to the beautiful proposal at the end that had me smiling through all the emotions that had bombarded me from all corners for the better half of the story.

View all 12 comments. Feb 08, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: Rating 3. For a long time I felt nothing happened on the romantic front, though of course it was natural, these two were strangers who now had a baby on the way and getting to know each other and becoming comfortable around each other takes time but I don't know I wanted th Rating 3.

For a long time I felt nothing happened on the romantic front, though of course it was natural, these two were strangers who now had a baby on the way and getting to know each other and becoming comfortable around each other takes time but I don't know I wanted things to progress at a much faster pace especially I wanted the heroine to see how special she was.

When the book opens the hero has just won a huge account and goes to celebrate. The hero comes from a big family but he has always had a lot of ambition so he struck out on his own and left his secure job. The heroine has just left the army after fourteen years of service and somehow these two strike sparks of each other and spend the night together, but the next morning the heroine runs, you see she has issues over how she looks and thinks it was the make-up which led to a spectacular night.

Almost two months later she is settling in her new life when she finds out she is pregnant. I found the reactions of the hero and heroine to the pregnancy real, their life and plans had been disrupted and after some intial anger both of them kind of warmed up to the idea.

The hero started envisioning a new life while the heroine had a lot of baggage that made her wary. She grew up without a mother she died giving birth and a father who was cold, so she learned to cope the best way she could by not expecting much.

The Other Side of Us

I enjoyed the book but wished things had gone faster. Apr 22, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been binging on Mayberry's "Super Romance" novels, lately, because they're just so very good —or at least what I'm in the mood for right now. This one is an excellent example of the type.

The protagonists generally have some handicap—some large, emotionally devastating event or circumstance that gets in the way of forming a lasting connection with, well, anyone, generally let alone the other protagonist. You'd think that, in this one, that would be the unexpected pregnancy. Fortunately, no I've been binging on Mayberry's "Super Romance" novels, lately, because they're just so very good —or at least what I'm in the mood for right now.

Fortunately, not so. Indeed, that serves as a unifying factor for the two as they come together for the sake of the eventual child. What Mayberry does so excruciatingly well is show how the "broken" of the characters serves to bring them closer together—not through anything hokey, either, but through natural growth and choice and, well, love.

This book is a great example as Charlie learns to accept herself as loveable not just because Rhys shows his love for her but because she moves beyond the callus upbringing that has convinced her of her lack of worth. That journey was fantastic and made better by the inclusion of the very delectable Rhys. A note about Steamy: About average for Mayberry. Which is on the high side of my own tolerance with very long sex scenes, though generally only a few of them present.

Mar 17, Ridley rated it really liked it Shelves: Just some quick thoughts while I mull my review: The plot may be a Harlequin staple, but the two leads reacted to the events with pitch-perfect realism and honesty.

They had weak moments to go with their heroic ones. I enjoyed the bit of Chekhov's Gun with that box from her father.

Well done. I wanted her to be more confident and fucking snap out Just some quick thoughts while I mull my review: I wanted her to be more confident and fucking snap out of it, but not everyone can be perfect like me. Making a grand gesture at a large party to an insecure, anxiety-prone, private woman like Charlie seemed to suit genre conventions more than this particular book and its characters. Also, I would have liked it if there was some mention of Charlie getting help for her problems besides hugs and good sex.

She did that with the epilogue to One Good Reason and I thought that made the book, honestly. Nov 04, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: However, it soon turns out that their one night stand has some more serious consequences, and Rhys and Charlie will have to get to know one another better and more quickly than they originally thought… A common enough story about unplanned pregnancy between strangers who then get to know one another and fall in love. Why should the reader think well of a character if she cannot think well of herself?

All in all, an OK story but their romance is not believable. Apr 03, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: This was such an excellent read.

I loved how real the actions and reactions of the characters were. The awkward first meeting between heroine and his family, the uncertain feelings about impending parenthood on both sides, etc. I especially loved the friendship between the heroine and her best friend. It was spot on for a real life friendship. Sadly, we don't see strong female friendships often enough in romance.

THe heroine's lack of self-esteem was sad and started to grate on my nerves toward This was such an excellent read. THe heroine's lack of self-esteem was sad and started to grate on my nerves toward the end. But watching her accept herself was heartwarming. Overall a stellar read. Mayberry delivers again. Sarah Mayberry writing is marvelous and the depth of characterization is surprisingly multi-layered for HP books.

The author can make a worn out and tired plot seems exciting and new. This is true for this story as well. Two people who had one-night stand that resulted in unwanted pregnancy have been done numerous times. But the strength and goodness of characters, the sizzling chemistry, the delightful dialog, the realism of the story set it above many.

I especially enjoyed a portrayal of the h Sarah Mayberry writing is marvelous and the depth of characterization is surprisingly multi-layered for HP books. I especially enjoyed a portrayal of the heroine who is strong and direct but also shy and vulnerable. Well done! View 2 comments. Super quickie review It's a terrific Harly about an unplanned pregnancy of course!

The story was surprisingly sweet and emotional and genuine. I may have teared up at the end, but since there's no photographic evidence, I'll never admit it! Jan 11, ShoSho rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this author and this was an almost easy read. I laughed, I cried - fantastic, as usual! View 1 comment. Feb 02, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: Charlie Long has just entered civilian life after serving in the military for fifteen years.

She is a little nervous as the military units she served with she had thought of as family. Throughout all this, Amy has harbored an unrequited love for Quinn that she never declared.

Nearing 30, she decides it's time to stop pining for what will never be and slowly cuts contact with Quinn and Lisa. For the past 18 months she's ignored calls and emails, hoping distance might help her move on.

Unfortunately, she's also missed that Lisa's been carrying on an affair and that they're currently going through a divorce. So, in his hometown to help Amy realize her dream of owning and renovating the historic cinema in town, Quinn reconnects with Amy and wants to regain what they once had, leaving her torn between keeping the status quo or risking it all to chance a romantic relationship with him.

What I loved most about this novel what how well Mayberry handled their relationship. She makes their friendship clear through their actions - their casual banter, remembered food preferences, shared memories - rather than just telling us they were friends and skipping to the lust resisting.

She spends the time to establish their friendship for the reader to see before truly pressing the romantic angle.

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